Man sitting on a beaker in an arctic environment

The ghost below the waterline


Voyaging into the arts

Two figures in white hazmat suits with breathing apparatus enter through the door of a rundown house

Catalysing the clean-up of methamphetamine


Closing a meth lab is just the first step towards making it safe

An astronaut on the moon saluting an American flag

Returning to the moon


It’s been a while, but space agencies are starting to plan their trips back to our satellite, with the goal of building semi-permanent bases

Margaret Faul

Margaret Faul: ‘Stand for what you think is right’


The pharmaceutical executive on why chemistry clicked for her, and life as a female organic chemist in the drug industry


Making a materials difference to batteries


One thing is certain about the future: it’s uncertain! 

Drug approvals

Regulators must follow their heads, not their hearts


The 2019 US approval of antibiotic Recarbrio seems not to have met the normally expected standards

Jean Marie Lehn

Jean-Marie Lehn: ‘Science or music really can take up all your life’

The supramolecular innovator on the importance of different cultures in research, working like a pianist, and being shocked by an opera

Susan Perkin

Developing custom apparatus to determine battery electrolyte sweet spots

Susan Perkin discusses the unique technique she uses to understand liquids and how they interact with surfaces

Serhii Radio

Chemists in Ukraine revisited: Serhii Radio

Practical difficulties hinder experiments, but a new course looks to address future environmental challenges

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  • Israeli scientists in defence of democracy

  • Relying on the h-index harms the careers of people who take career breaks

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