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A sustainable future for chemistry encompasses a wide range of disciplines, technologies, applications and behaviours. In this collection we showcase the innovation and insights of leading companies that are making the shift to a more sustainable future, both in their own operations and through supporting change in supply chains, regulation and consumer behaviour.

A photograph showing Tom Welton

A sustainable legacy


President of the RSC, Tom Welton, asks what kind of chemical legacy we are leaving for the future

Lithium-ion battery pack

Batteries: The bedrock of the sustainable future

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In this special podcast, find out how understanding the chemistry and materials that go into batteries marks the first step towards making them safer and increasing energy density, and unlocks new opportunities for reuse and recycling

Background of green batteries

Better batteries for a more sustainable world

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Detailed characterisation is the best chance scientists have to make sure that the next generation of batteries are sustainable, recyclable and packed with energy.

Production of lithium batteries for electric cars

Peering inside a working battery

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Characterisation techniques have reached the point where they can monitor in real-time what’s going on inside a battery. This is the way to a better battery and a more sustainable world.


Battery concept image

Li-ion battery electrolyte degradation characterization by mass spectrometry

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Join us to learn how to streamline your battery research

Free resources

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Li-ion battery electrolyte design

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Free resources on Li-ion battery electrolyte additives and solutions

Free resources

Alkaline battery AAA size with selective focus on single battery

Improving the performance of Li-ion batteries

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Free resources to assist the chemist in improving battery performance