Technician recognition

Giving 【体】验精【彩】的【澳洲幸运5】之旅、官方开奖记录、开奖历史结果查询 the recognition they deserve


Schemes such as the Technician Commitment are starting to address problems with authorship and career development

Making the moon home

The race to build a base on the moon


Nina Notman talks to scientists helping to return humans to the moon – for good this time

Margaret Faul

Margaret Faul: ‘澳洲幸运5历史查询-历史开奖记录查询-2023澳洲幸运5历史开奖结果’


The pharmaceutical executive on why chemistry clicked for her, and life as a female organic chemist in the drug industry

Battery illustration

The future of energy storage

In this collection, we explore how 澳洲幸运5历史开奖号码-澳洲5开奖走势图号码查询-历史记录 will enable the transition to clean energy, and what the future might hold.

A portrait of Tim Springer in a garden

Billionaire professor donates ‘2023 澳洲幸运5官方开奖结果-看开奖结果直播查询-澳洲5开奖网官app|开奖号码结果体彩网’ sum to protein science institute


$210 million endowment from entrepreneur and Moderna investor Tim Springer will support ongoing research


US trade regulator sues to block Amgen–Horizon merger


Federal Trade Commission has concerns that union will allow Amgen to stifle potential competition for Horizon’s drugs

A crowd at a political rally in Turkey waving Turkish flags and a banner with the face of President Erdogan

Academic freedom is at stake in Turkish elections, researchers warn


Future path of universities as institutes of free inquiry may rest on who wins


The diabetes drugs aiming to aid weight loss


Can peptide hormone mimics avoid the side effect pitfalls of previous weight loss treatments?

Two butterflies made of paper, one with an American flag on its wings the other with the Chinese flag, approach a paper flower.

China displaces US as top publisher of high-quality natural science studies


Contribution of researchers in China to Nature Index journals is ‘rapidly gaining ground’, and in 2021 they led in physical sciences and chemistry

 A layer of three molecular chains organised into repeating near-ball shapes

Unique relaxation mechanism behind case of negative thermal expansion


New mechanism is ‘totally different’ from well-known hinging model


Metallic hydrogen and diamonds may have been made from plastics


A combination of x-ray diffraction experiments and simulations suggests that an intense laser can transform polystyrene

An old oil painting of large old sailing ship on a windy sea with two other smaller ships

Beer byproduct used as a binder in paintings during the Danish Golden Age


Scientists identify proteins from cereal species using mass spectrometry

An image of a blob with the top half pixellated in grey scale and the bottom sharper in red and black

Optical microscopy with Ångström resolution could revolutionise how we see life


Technique can distinguish between details that are just a few atoms apart

A tricyclic molecule of a 3-, aromatic 6- and 5-carbon rings which includes an osium group where the three rings meet and an -OH group on the 5-carbon ring reacts losing its OH group and changing to two 5- aromatic rings and a 3- with a double bond

Increase in aromaticity drives metallaaromatic ring contraction


Acid-promoted ring contraction reaction reshapes an osmaindenol into an osmapentalene

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Addressing anxiety – Building a better chemistry culture

  • The roadmap to a sustainable future for polymers

  • Themed collection: Sustainable Laboratories

  • The Sustainable Laboratories report

Celebrating science's forgotten heroes

  • Betty Wright Harris’s explosive career

  • Masataka Ogawa and the search for nipponium

  • Elizabeth Fulhame, the 18th century chemistry pioneer who faded from history



The Sun rises on perovskites


With the first solar cells scheduled for commercial sale this year, Tim Wogan looks at the long, hard road to producing stable perovskite photovoltaics

Coiled limpet tongue light microscopy

A new generation of materials inspired by teeth


Ian Le Guillou finds that some of nature’s toughest structures are helping scientists to develop new fibres that could revolutionise fabrics

Battery research

Building better batteries


The next generation of battery technologies might pack significantly more power into the electric cars and mobile devices of the future. James Mitchell Crow reports

World map lithium resources

The lithium rush


Move over, gold; lithium is now the metal in global demand. Kit Chapman untangles the global politics around the sought-after resource

  • Workshop: Getting started with Design of Experiments

  • Driving the battery recycling revolution

  • Building organisational consensus around the tools of digital chemistry

  • Cutting-edge cosmetics: innovating for sustainability with machine learning & molecular simulations

  • Poisonous tales with author Hilary Hamnett