A portrait of Tim Springer in a garden

Billionaire professor donates ‘transformative’ sum to protein science institute


$210 million endowment from entrepreneur and Moderna investor Tim Springer will support ongoing research


US trade regulator sues to block Amgen–Horizon merger


Federal Trade Commission has concerns that union will allow Amgen to stifle potential competition for Horizon’s drugs

A crowd at a political rally in Turkey waving Turkish flags and a banner with the face of President Erdogan

Academic freedom is at stake in Turkish elections, researchers warn


Future path of universities as institutes of free inquiry may rest on who wins


The diabetes drugs aiming to aid weight loss


Can peptide hormone mimics avoid the side effect pitfalls of previous weight loss treatments?

Two butterflies made of paper, one with an American flag on its wings the other with the Chinese flag, approach a paper flower.

China displaces US as top publisher of high-quality natural science studies


Contribution of researchers in China to Nature Index journals is ‘rapidly gaining ground’, and in 2021 they led in physical sciences and chemistry

A 3d illustration of a

US supreme court confirms Amgen’s cholesterol antibody patents invalid


Decision could mean patent descriptions need to be even more detailed, and hence expensive

Methane flare

Efforts to cut methane are hobbled by gaps in coverage and uncertainty on emissions


Only 13% of the world’s methane emissions are covered by agreements to reduce them


New results vindicate suspect 63-year-old claim on synthesis of first catenane


Researchers hoping to debunk Edel Wasserman’s doubted claims of the first interlinked rings end up supporting them

 A layer of three molecular chains organised into repeating near-ball shapes

Unique relaxation mechanism behind case of negative thermal expansion


New mechanism is ‘totally different’ from well-known hinging model


Metallic hydrogen and diamonds may have been made from plastics


A combination of x-ray diffraction experiments and simulations suggests that an intense laser can transform polystyrene

An old oil painting of large old sailing ship on a windy sea with two other smaller ships

Beer byproduct used as a binder in paintings during the Danish Golden Age


Scientists identify proteins from cereal species using mass spectrometry

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