The future of energy storage - lithium and beyond

Decarbonising our energy supply and shifting to renewable sources is one of society’s greatest challenges. In this collection, we explore how energy storage solutions will enable the transition to clean energy, and what the future might hold.

Building better batteries


The next generation of battery technologies might pack significantly more power into the electric cars and mobile devices of the future. James Mitchell Crow reports

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World map lithium resources

The lithium rush


Move over, gold; lithium is now the metal in global demand. Kit Chapman untangles the global politics around the sought-after resource

Battery illustration

The long-term energy storage challenge


In a renewably powered future, how will the grid cope when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing? Rachel Brazil looks at the options

A close-up of a green battery charging icon on a dark phone screen

The elements of energy storage


Chemistry is a key component of clean energy

Metals recycled from electric car batteries

Battery recyclers race to increase capacity and efficiency


As battery demand grows, recycling needs to capture more of the valuable resources in each cell

Photo of five grey-yellow alkaline AA batteries on a yellow background.

Getting the measure of rechargeable batteries

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The precision tools needed to manufacture safe and high quality batteries