Food science

Chemistry World’s home-grown collection reveals the scientific trends and innovation behind the foods of the future. From mimicking meat in a classic burger with plant-based alternatives to unpicking the legality of the molecular matter on our plates, agritech’s benefit to crop yields and product reformulation, this collection explores it all.

Herbs, food and scientific glassware

Welcome to the food science collection

In this special collection of articles we delve into the trends, regulations – and science – that lead to the foods and beverages on our shop shelves and dining tables

vegan burger

Plant-based food revolution

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Understanding the physical and microstructural properties of ingredients is vital to plant-based food and beverage product development

Image shows a plant sample

Informatics streamlines herbicide data management

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MoA Technology leverages CDD Vault cheminformatics system to manage high-throughput herbicide screening data and external collaborations effectively. Here’s how