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  • Margaret Faul: ‘Stand for what you think is right’

  • Jean-Marie Lehn: ‘Science or music really can take up all your life’

  • Konstantin Novoselov: ‘I don't really know where my Nobel medal is’

  • Dan Shechtman: ‘Cyrus Smith was my idol’

  • Richard Schrock: ‘It’s not my catalyst, it’s nature’s’

  • Sossina Haile: 'I never resonated with role models'

  • Donna Strickland: ‘My career goal was to get a PhD’

  • Martin Chalfie: ‘I decided I wasn’t going to be a scientist’

  • David MacMillan: ‘The medal is the real celebrity’

  • Angela Russell: ‘We have to not be afraid of failing’

A massive hand reaches out to tiny protesters grouped in the shape of another massive hand

When will funders take action on PhD and postdoc conditions?


Campaigns in the UK, Ireland and Canada await announcements

Rosalind Franklin, Gerty Cori and Marie Lavoisier

Chemistry’s history through the feminist lens


Examining how science excludes women and other underrepresented groups


A more reasonable view of workplace adjustments


Normalising giving people what they need to do their jobs well

Accessible lab bench

Designing inclusive scientific workplaces


Making buildings accessible for everyone

Question marks on a scientific experiment

Design of experiments

Quizzes and resources to help you to become better at designing experiments. Created in partnership with JMP

Charles Lieber

Lessons from Lieber

The prosecution of Charles Lieber has had a chilling effect on US researchers, leaving them uncertain about collaboration with overseas programmes

Robot coming out of lamp

Scientific authorship in the time of ChatGPT

With AI-generated texts here to stay, we need to recognise that intellectual work is much more than just writing

OECD logo

A new regulatory paradigm for increased robustness in chemical testing

Non-animal methods could revolutionise how we assess toxicity

Two figures in white hazmat suits with breathing apparatus enter through the door of a rundown house

Catalysing the clean-up of methamphetamine

Closing a meth lab is just the first step towards making it safe


Chemical weapons watchdog opens new lab as end nears for deadly munitions

New facility will allow OPCW to address changing nature of threat from chemical weapons


IChemE welcomes government decision to remove EU law deadline that could affect safety

Move allays concerns that safety legislation could have been revoked