Inspiring science

Chemistry World and Notch Communications welcome you to our 13th special collection: Inspiring science. We're exploring the different ways that companies are inspiring change in their sectors through cutting-edge research


Welcome to the Inspiring Science collection

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Exploring the ideas and innovations that are bringing a brighter tomorrow

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Next-generation ligands for complex coupling challenges

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Improving phosphines for metal catalysis can deliver more efficient and sustainable syntheses


Creating bonds: science and sustainability through the lens of a synthetic chemist

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How promoting sustainability and nurturing talent can help deliver science for a safer world

Nanoform pills

Inspiring a new era of patient-centric medicines

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Christian Jones discusses new formulations for drug delivery that put people first

Man checking liquid soaps

Feeling inspired: the innovations enabling next-generation cosmetic and skincare products

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Ella Ceraulo shares her thoughts on the trends shaping the personal care industry