Welcome to our sustainable polymers collection

Synthetic polymer materials are one of the most important inventions of modern times, but they also have a significant environmental impact. In this collection we discover the diverse ways that our partners are seeking to minimise this impact, while retaining the beneficial material properties that have made polymers an integral part of our lives.

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Welcome to the sustainable polymers collection

By Chemistry World

Learn how our partners are helping to change the way we make and use plastics

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How analytical chemistry is enabling efficient polymer recycling

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Waters technologies are helping its customers to make the shift to sustainable plastic use

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Characterisation and process optimisation of recycled resins for the polymer industry

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Thermal and rheological analysis ensure that plastics maintain their performance

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Driving environmental sustainability across the polymer supply chain with a digital chemistry strategy

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From synthesis to formulation, manufacturing, recycling and reprocessing, computational modelling supports every part of process

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A paradigm shift in the development of environmentally sustainable consumer packaged goods

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Simulation technologies can shortcut the design process for new materials


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Fingerprinting recycled thermoplastic resins for process optimisation

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Learn how to investigate feedstock quality, fingerprint recycled thermoplastic resins and streamline your process using thermal analysis and rheology

Free resources

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Routine testing with RADIAN ASAP mass detection

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Download this free white paper to discover how the RADIAN ASAP Direct Mass Detector can quickly answer your analytical questions


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Driving the development of bio-based polymers with molecular simulation

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Large-scale molecular simulations minimise costs and reduce the time it takes to develop bio-based polymer materials