As the world continues to confront challenges such as climate change, social inequality and Covid-19, converting creative thinking into compelling solutions is essential to deliver real-world value. For us, this is the core of science’s ability to inspire.

Chemistry World and Notch Communications’ latest digital supplement takes a deep dive into this topic, exploring the ideas, trends and innovations in the industry that are empowering a brighter tomorrow.

In particular, this supplement spotlights inspiring scientific work that is contributing to revolutionary advances – whether that’s taking a step toward tackling climate change or rethinking drug development to help life-changing, patient-centric therapies reach the market.

In this supplement, Philip Wheeler, business development manager at Umicore PMC, explores innovations in sustainable materials that will be pivotal in transitioning the world toward cleaner technologies. Trevor Janes, synthetic chemist at Toronto Research Chemicals, discusses how his passion for tackling environmental issues has crossed over into his work in organic synthesis. Cornelius Group’s Ella Ceraulo, innovation chemist, shares her thoughts on the trends shaping the future of cosmetics, including sustainability, wellness and inclusivity. Finally, Nanoform’s chief commercial officer Christian Jones explores the shift in the pharmaceutical industry to empower patients and increase quality of life.

The challenges facing the world today are numerous, but with the brightest minds in the field working together to inspire change, success is within reach.

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