How the pharma industry is stepping up to Covid-19 for a brighter, healthier future

The Covid-19 outbreak marked a watershed moment for the pharmaceutical market and the wider chemical industry. The pandemic closed many of the industry’s traditional innovation routes, forcing stakeholders to rethink strategy. Novel, pioneering and digital channels that have previously been largely underused and undervalued, will come to the fore.

This ninth collaborative digital supplement, developed by Notch Communications and Chemistry World, takes a closer look at of the industry to illustrate the novel approaches that are being used to develop the medicines of tomorrow’s world.

In this supplement, our partners at Toronto Research Chemicals examine groundbreaking approaches to impurity profiling that ensures safer medications. We hear from Umicore about the importance of catalyst refinement, an often-neglected factor of pharmaceutical process development, and the advantages that a robust recovery strategy brings to the industry. The Research Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering details how digital modelling and AI combat process inefficiencies. And finally, Life Science Integrates highlights the key pillars for innovation.

The collection emphasises the impact of digital technology on the industry. Our tenth digital issue will examine Industry 4.0 technology and its power to transform supply chains. If you have a story to tell, please get in touch.