US trade regulator sues to block Amgen–Horizon merger


Federal Trade Commission has concerns that union will allow Amgen to stifle potential competition for Horizon’s drugs


The diabetes drugs aiming to aid weight loss


Can peptide hormone mimics avoid the side effect pitfalls of previous weight loss treatments?

A 3d illustration of a

US supreme court confirms Amgen’s cholesterol antibody patents invalid


Decision could mean patent descriptions need to be even more detailed, and hence expensive

Seqens/PCI Synthesis pharmaceutical plant

Deadly explosion and fire at US pharmaceutical plant


One worker killed and four hospitalised at Seqens in Newburyport

Ludhiana incident

11 dead after toxic gas leak in India


Victims were instantly overwhelmed by gas, which left high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in air


Making oil and water mix by encapsulation

By Vanessa Zainzinger

Italian start-up Sphera Encapsulation can protect lipophilic food ingredients in aqueous environments

Metals recycled from electric car batteries

Battery recyclers race to increase capacity and efficiency


As battery demand grows, recycling needs to capture more of the valuable resources in each cell

Prometheus biosciences

Merck & Co to buy immunology specialist Prometheus


$10.8 billion cash deal give Merck rights to late-stage candidate for two inflammatory bowel conditions

Tanzania clinical site

Ghana and Nigeria approve Oxford malaria vaccine


Approval comes before final-stage clinical trials have been completed